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The agency shall operate a single universal plan for all residents of Sokoto State to be called the Sokoto State Health Plan: The plan shall consist of a basic, defined Minimum Benefit Package of healthcare services for Primary Care as well as an “affordable” Supplementary Benefit Package of healthcare services for Secondary Care. And will be accessible from both Public and Private Primary Health Care Facilities who shall refer if necessary to designated secondary and tertiary health facilities. All formal and informal sector contributors shall be entitled to this plan.  In addition, all Private Medical Insurance Programs in the State must be mandatorily operated in such a manner as stipulated by the Agency, to encourage uniformity and economic benefit for Sokoto residents. All HMOs offering private health plans to residents of Sokoto State must be registered, licensed and monitored by SOCHEMA in accordance with the laws establishing this agency and they are to contribute 1% of their private health insurance contribution to this agency