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Basic Healthcare Provision Fund, BHCPF is a federal and state funded initiative,it is a component of the National Health Act of 2014, which called for better investment within the health sector. It was signed into the 2019 fiscal budget by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2018.

BHCPF will provide free minimum basic healthcare to the poorest and most vulnerable Nigerians through accredited Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in each of the 36 states and federal capital territory.

At these PHCs, those enrolled in BHCPF will be covered to receive:

  • Antenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care for pregnant women
  • Immunizations and treatment for malaria, pneumonia, measles, and dysentery for children under 5
  • Malaria treatment, hypertension and diabetes screenings, and family planning for all adults

To access the services once they are available, Nigeria’s most vulnerable need to register for a Huwe ID card.

To enroll for a BHCPF ID card

  1. Visit the nearest Primary Health Centre (PHC) in your Area Council to be directed to the BHCPF accredited PHC in your ward
  2. Meet the BHCPF officer at the nearest accredited PHC, following the BHCPF signage
  3. Present a recent passport photograph and any valid means of identification (for ex. Permanent Voters Card, National ID, Driver’s License, International Passport, etc.)
  4. Provide all necessary information that the officer in charge requests

Receive a BHCPF ID card

Healthcare is the right of every single Nigerian, and BHCPF will take Nigeria one step closer to universal health coverage.

It will take all of us to make sure that the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) is delivered effectively across our country. Together with Nigeria’s leaders, citizens, and partners, let’s ensure every Nigerian’s right to basic healthcare.